Sweat equity

We were pretty busy the few days leading up to this year’s Royal Winter Fair working together with DOT DOT DASH and Alex Young. We helped in the design of a booth for USC Canada, whose core program, Seeds of Survival, helps promote vibrant family farms, strong rural communities, and healthy ecosystems around the world.

3 team members from Projektor and DOT DOT DASH paint wood panels in preparation for the booth setup


This seed saving not-for-profit organization isn’t afraid to literally dig in and get their hands dirty; how could we not do the same? Everybody pitched in – to the max. We used what we had – our sweat equity – to stretch the limits of what was financially conceivable, and the value of our combined efforts showed in the end product.

Projektor team members use a hot glue gun to afix USC Canada's wordmark onto fruit and vegetable background for booth


Wikipedia describes sweat equity as “a party’s contribution to a project in the form of effort.” While that’s true – a lot of time and effort went into designing, painting and constructing this booth – what’s most important is what was accomplished.

Close up of the fruit and vegetable cutout wooden board, with the phrase "Good Seed Grows Good Food" written above

Information panels are grouped featuring the question "What is a seed?" and related information in a graphic layout

For USC Canada, that accomplishment – their new booth, ready in time for #royalfever – provided a platform for their own sweat equity: providing education and promoting awareness on the importance of seeds and seed diversity.

Overall shot of USC Canada's entire trade show booth setup

And the return on that makes us feel pretty good.




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