Zachry Group Brand Refresh

The Zachry Group is one of the United States’ leading providers of turnkey construction, turnaround, and maintenance services to the power, energy, and chemicals industries. As a result of the shale gas “revolution,” new industrial facilities (refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants) are in huge demand. Zachry wanted to clarify their positioning in the marketplace, and so Type2 Consulting brought us in as part of a larger team to help bring the strategic work they had been doing to life through a fresh new visual style. A suite of new communications material based on this visual style would assist in seeking to capture a significant part of Zachry’s new opportunity.


Our initial step was to develop a visual strategy for Zachry by building off the new brand strategy and the existing logo. This led to the creation of a broad set of visual brand identity building blocks, helping communicate their brand story: colour system, imagery style, typography, iconography, and overall design structure.


Using these visual style building blocks, and working closely with Type2, we developed a wide range of communications tools to better target the key industries that Zachry serves and extend their digital presence. These tools included a responsive website, a new blog, SlideShare decks, print-on-demand brochures, and a range of social media tools. In addition, we also established a new identity and responsive website for Zachry’s JVIC subsidiary.


Further, we extended the brand into their NASCAR sponsorship, and guided the application of the brand to a range of items, include the racers and driver’s kit, as well as a separate website that features their sponsored team and drivers.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation, Brand Auditing