Working Theory logo, symbol combines the letters W and T, the name to the right in lowercase letters Working Theory business card with quote printed on back: If you want different answers, ask different questions Sample Working Theory notebook with logo and logo elements on cover Sample Working Theory umbrella using logo and their visual identity elements: punctuation marks, parentheses and asterisks, etc Male viewing Working Theory website on an iPad

Working Theory Brand Identity Design

Working Theory is a boutique professional services firm offering business process and innovation consulting through research and experiential learning. A new group, their brand identity needed to be fresh and engaging, and one that would illustrate their approach to problem solving.


Their process is an ongoing and collaborative one, adapting to each organization’s needs, working together in an iterative manner to find the answer and ask more questions. The brand identity was based on the theme of “continual evolution and communication at every step.”


From there we built out a distinct visual system using various punctuation marks that emphasize and enhance the theme, immediately clarifying the type of messaging a piece contains.


A key touchpoint for Working Theory is their website. In addition to being responsive and working seamlessly across a range of devices, the site’s architecture is flexible to accommodate the various types of information the group provides.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation