Supreme Promo Print Design

For the past 70 years, Spicers Canada has been a leading distributor of fine paper, graphics arts supplies, sign and display media, and industrial packaging products and equipment. The company wanted to create a promotional piece for their Supreme brand of paper to illustrate how different paper surfaces – such as gloss, silk, or matte – are the right match for different types of imagery or graphics.


The piece would build off the previously established theme of “A Perfect Match”, but with a new spin. Inspired by the typical narrative arc of a romantic comedy, “A Perfect Match – A Supreme Love Story” depicts the concept of love and relationships, demonstrating the many stages of a relationship between two people. Each of these stages was visually represented to best highlight the specific features of the various Supreme sheets paired with different printing techniques, including florescent and metallic inks, foil stamping, and embossing.


We designed the piece to hold gloss, silk, and matte papers in an oversized (11”x17”), non-stitched format with two- and four-page sections on different topics – allowing people to just keep individual pieces if needed.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation