2 realize banners, 1 English, 1 French, hanging beside each other on a pole realize illustration: multicoloured silhouttes of people of all ages realize new stationery samples including business card, envelope, letterhead realize logo and tagline in English realize multicolour logo and tagline in french

Realize Brand Naming & Brand Identity Design

Originally formed in 1998, the Canadian Working Group for HIV and Rehabilitation addresses issues of disability and rehab in the context of HIV and related conditions, especially where policy and the workplace is concerned. The organization had grown to become a strong voice in the advocacy for those with other episodic disabilities, beyond HIV, so following an internal strategic realignment, it wanted to rebrand in an effort to clarify its purpose.


To really uncover what the organization meant and stood for, we worked in partnership with Level 5 Strategy Group to craft a new brand DNA and promise that was highly relevant and relatable to the wide range of audiences touched by the group.


The brand promise became the foundation to develop a new brand name – a name that had to do a lot of things: be easy to pronounce and remember, have meaning in both English and French, and embody the organization’s core purpose. From the options we generated, the decision was unanimous: realize. Building off their history and strong partnerships, we established a tagline to clearly define realize’s mission: Fostering positive change for people living with HIV and other episodic disabilities.


Key to the visual identity system was to demonstrate diversity – that of the work realize does, their audiences, and those for whom they are advocating. This is reflected in a visual and immediate way in the vivid colour palette used in their wordmark. The wordmark was given a dynamic visual treatment using associated words that begin with “re” to help showcase and communicate the brand message. Further, we created a suite of illustrations that demonstrates the diversity of those living with HIV and other episodic disabilities.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation, Brand Auditing