Quark Expeditions Brand Story

Offering travellers unparalleled access to the most remote regions on earth, Quark Expeditions conducts adventures in the Arctic and Antarctica. The leading provider of polar adventure for over 20 years, they wanted to grow their business beyond ship-based travel. In order to do that, they wanted to define – for both internal and external audiences – their essence and what makes them special.


We worked in partnership with Cleansheet Communications to develop a manifesto based on Quark’s recently completed strategic development program. Using footage shot by Fokus, we brought this new positioning to life through a 90-second video to create a great emotional impact and forge strong connections.


Maps and Legends tells the story: by designing and delivering transformational, life-changing expedition experiences in places not easily accessed, what Quark really delivers is lasting, extraordinary memories.


Building on this story, and to really connect with potential customers on why they should choose Quark, we developed the “Quark Six.” This series of videos, based around Quark’s set of six principles informing everything they do, further differentiates and supports the company’s unique essence – setting them apart from the competition.


Brand Activation