Not Far From The Tree 2013 Yearbook

Not Far From The Tree (NFFTT) is Toronto’s fruit tree project, inspiring Torontonians to harvest, share, celebrate and steward the bounty from their urban forest. For the 2013 yearbook we wanted to get the message out that the value that the organization brings is far more than just the fruit. We saw the yearbook as key to changing the conversation from just what they do to why what they do is important. It had to make clear the case for support that a large impact can come from what are essentially the small actions of the many.


For the yearbook we wanted to create a piece that could function both as a brochure but also as a promotional poster that could be posted and displayed to help increase awareness of NFFTT and its mission. Using a single piece of 24×36 paper we built the yearbook as a two sided piece. One side was a 10 panel brochure that talked about the goals of the organization, reported on the year past and thanked its supporters. The other side was a large size poster that told the story of NFFTT in a single image using an infographics approach to explain how the act of picking fruit can deliver on much larger social goals.


Brand Activation