Milkweed Brand Identity

In a sea of outdated, male-focused, and to be perfectly honest, “bro culture” cannabis paraphernalia, a new company with roots in an established medical marijuana practice saw an opportunity to speak directly to an untapped and unmet need for a more sophisticated audience. Milkweed wanted a new approach to how people viewed related products and accessories as the cannabis marketplace moved from the margins to the mainstream. It was to carry a distinct perspective and voice, promoting cannabis lifestyle products that are meant to be both understated and elegant.


The new brand needed to be contemporary in both messaging and its products. We worked closely with the team to create a brand image that expressed a modern, timeless style of living. The key was to develop a fresh yet enduring brand expression that would stand out in an overcrowded yet underdeveloped category. We designed their brand identity with the same ethos as they have when shaping their lifestyle products: purposefully crafted with thoughtful design and clean lines. It is an identity program that is both flexible and scalable, functioning as either a logo or a pattern, tempering a bold attitude with subtle finesse.

Milkweed is a brand that mainly resides in the digital space, and great digital presence requires great photography. We brought in Stacy Vasquez-Abrams to shoot each product – some on white, for shopping, and others in a tableau setting, to express a moment in time that customers could connect with. The shots were brought into a carefully selected Shopify template that would best meet their needs for brand messaging, as well as feature their line up of products in the best way possible. We worked closely with the Milkweed team to ensure that is an absolute reflection of the brand: simple yet refined, and intuitive for every day use.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation