Haventree Bank Brand Name and Identity


When Equity Financial Trust began making plans to change over from a federally regulated trust company, providing alternative residential mortgage solutions, to a scheduled bank, they saw an opportunity to evolve with a new brand. They were looking for something that aligned more strongly with how the company operates and whom it works with.


Working with Level 5 Strategy Group we were tasked to develop a name and brand identity for the new bank based on the strategy they’d already developed. After a series of interactive workshops with key internal stakeholders, we were able to develop a basis for name development. Several factors were weighed, but importantly, the name needed to resonate to their broad range of audiences: various consumer types, as well as brokers and those within the financial industry. After a careful and thorough process, including trademark screening, the team was in full support of the name Haventree, which communicates several different stories to people in all walks of life.


We then shaped a new visual identity and tagline to fully support their new strategy and new brand name, supplying the company with a suite of brand building blocks, so that no matter the touchpoint, the new bank’s audiences will have the same brand experience: friendly and modern – and one that feels like coming home.


Brand Articulation, Brand Auditing