Emera Inc. 2014 Annual Report

Emera is an energy company focused on electricity generation and transmission, natural gas transmission, and utility energy services throughout northeastern North America. As a publicly traded company, Emera publishes a financial annual report as well as a brochure that is designed to communicate the company’s strategy and operations to a wide range of audiences – from investors to community stakeholders to company retirees.


Each year the brochure is designed to provide the “skimming” reader with a quick takeaway on the key facts and opportunities across Emera and each of its operating companies. Maps, infographics and dynamic photography combine to create a visual language that connects the wide range of initiatives underway at Emera. An online brochure supplements the print version, containing links to additional media like videos and websites.


Additionally the brochure’s theme and “look” goes further to provide a consistent platform for a range of corporate communications material for the upcoming year, such as PowerPoint presentations, supplementary reports, and meeting collateral.


Brand Activation