Emera 2013 Progress Report app cover on tablet Emera 2013 Progress Report app on tablet, shows map

Emera Inc. 2013 Progress Report App

To supplement its annual financial report, Emera Inc also publishes a Progress Report that is designed to provide an update on the company and its activities to a wide range of audiences – from investors to community stakeholders to company retirees.


For 2013, we developed an iPad app of the report in conjunction with the print version in order to allow the reader to delve deeper and learn more about Emera. The app features a range of embedded media which allows the reader to:

  • Explore an interactive map of the company’s assets
  • Listen to an investor presentation by the company’s senior executive
  • Watch video about the transition of electricity generation by renewable resources
  • Find out additional information in an embedded Community Giving report
  • Geo locate key assets on Google Maps
  • Link to additional supplemental information on management team, companies and environmental policies


A copy of this free app can be downloaded at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emera-2013-progress-report/id854578885


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