Autism Canada Brand Identity

Autism Canada was formed through the merger between the Autism Society of Canada and Autism Canada Foundation in order to become Canada’s national voice for autism-related issues. Autism impacts over 1 in 100 children across North America, and evidence shows that this rate is increasing. Current research and treatment resources have not been sufficient to support the individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or their families.


We interviewed a wide range of stakeholders to understand current perceptions of autism, and to help identify the areas that had the greatest need of communications and messaging. And, to get a better view of how Autism Canada’s message could be distinct and ownable, we conducted an extensive audit of both Canadian and international autism groups.


Out of this research, we created a brand story that brought Autism Canada to life explaining to its wide range of audiences:

  • Who we are: The hub of knowledge and understanding on ASD in Canada
  • What we do: Guiding families and individuals along their lifelong journey with ASD
  • How we do it: Providing clarity, focus, and understanding around issues related to ASD


“See the spectrum differently”, their new tagline, serves as a call to action for both those directly affected by autism, as well as people working to assist those on the spectrum. Their new visual identity symbolizes a way forward, and breaks away from the typical visual clichés, such as broken puzzle pieces – a bold, integrated icon, its range of colours representing the range of the spectrum.


The brand launched in October 2015 with a 30-second PSA, which also helped to generate further awareness and support for ASD.


Brand Activation, Brand Articulation, Brand Auditing