Aquen Brand Naming & Identity Design

A collection of existing companies, all focused on wastewater technology, products, and services, needed a new name and identity to unify themselves under single organization and communicate their difference in a competitive and established marketplace.


The very essence of the business – water and engineering – became the central idea for its new name. “Aquen” was a perfect fit for the company, embodying its integrated “design – build – own – operate” engineering and service capacities to focus on water solutions for the Oil and Gas sector.


Building on this fresh new name, we developed a core theme that echoes the idea of “water for life,” energy, and the environment. The identity needed to work simply across a broad range of platforms (print, on screen, in the field), and convey a sense of established professionalism equal to the leading firms in the field. We based our design on the concept of pipes – which each and every Aquen proj­ect has in common. From there, we created a subbrand architecture and icon style that worked across Aquen’s different divisions and can be adapted for future updates and acquisitions.


As the company needed to focus on its business development during its initial phase, for its launch we worked quickly to roll out a range of marketing and promotional materials that would help tell the Aquen story.


Brand Articulation