Looking back on a year of uninvited rebrands

An opinion column I wrote has just been published in the May/June issue of Applied Arts Magazine. I felt compelled to write after reading Fast Company’s ridiculous year-end article on the best branding of 2012 that claimed that 2012 “was the year of the unofficial, uninvited, branding campaign.”

In the column I make the case that branding projects undertaken without permission or client involvement may end up looking pretty but that they serve no real strategic or business value.  As a design profession, we talk all the time about “strategic process” and work very hard to taken seriously by businesses. But then at the same time, as creative professionals, we get all excited and lavish attention on these made-up projects. We need to make up our minds what is really important to us.

I leave it to you to read the article and draw your own conclusions. You can find the column in the May/June 2013 print edition of Applied Arts or it is available as a PDF download clicking on the following link. @Branding


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