It all starts with a Muse

I have recently been thinking quite a lot about the nature of creativity and inspiration – where does it come from and how does someone feed and nurture it? So I surprised myself the other week when I came to the recognition that I have had a creative muse who has influenced me for the past 30 years.

PG_82_tixMy ticket stub from 1982 – Didn’t see the part on my ticket about “no cameras” so I took photos

I first saw Peter Gabriel perform at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1982. It was a truly magical and transformational event for an impressionable 16 year old. Over the years I have continued to look forward to his performances as a way to replenish my creative soul. His ability throughout the years to continually progress and bring to a wide audience the sights and sounds of his own creative influences is quite amazing. There is a restless creativity in his live performances – whether in the stage sets of great talents like Robert LePage or in using live video at the performance in a manner more associated with an Avant-garde gallery versus a giant hockey arena. When I saw him in concert recently it was still a magical and inspirational event. He is older, grayer and a little bit slower but his creative heart still beats like a young man. I came away from that evening with the conviction that along with solving its client’s practical and business needs, Projektor should also fill the creative souls of those who work with and for it.

PG_82_pix2What I realized from my muse is that through our journey together – even though he has no idea that I exist – is that he has subconsciously guided me in establishing a set of beliefs that are the founding creative principles on which Projektor has been created:

  1. Never stop exploring – age brings the ability to question with greater confidence and to see things in new ways
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new and different ways of working even if you initially face set backs
  3. Always collaborate with people who you think are more creative and talented than yourself
  4. Be true to yourself and your core values in everything you do

Images, music, art, words – each element is more powerful and memorable when linked together with each other


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