Naming Names

How are we going to get everyone to like the new name?

How do we know we won’t pick the wrong name?

Does it really matter what we call ourselves?

These are some of the questions we hear almost every time we start a naming project. Naming is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be nervewracking for our clients: finding the right name is no simple task. Brand naming needs to start with a brand strategy and, importantly, the whole naming process should be steeped in and supported by a disciplined and strategic process, right up until the name is selected and approved for use.


Designing the future is tricky

When talking to other designers or listening to designers speak at conferences, I often feel uncomfortable when I hear them talk about the role of design solutions being “the vision of the future”. It sometimes comes across that solving many of society’s problems is really just a matter of creating a better and more contemporarily designed world.

The Rise of the Secondary Colour

Every year Pantone – a leading source of information on colour trends and management – designates their “colour of the year”. They determine this colour through extensive research into trends and fashions across a wide range of industries. This year’s colour is Radiant Orchard – otherwise known as bright purple. Purple’s fortunes have risen quickly, as only last year style guru Tyler Brulé labeled it the “colour of compromise” in the New York Times. An informal survey of both high and fast fashion retailers just before Christmas found that if you were looking for woman’s fashions in a colour other than purple your choices where quite limited.

Logos in the age of the app

An article recently I wrote on how digital media is changing the way we need to approach the development of logos has just been published in the December issue of Design Edge Magazine.

In it I talk about how rise of mobile digital devices, such as smartphones, are changing the way we view and interact with logos. It looks to provide a framework to assist organizations in answering the question: is my logo ready for the age of the app?

Ironically the article is only available through the print version of the magazine. However a PDF file of the article can be downloaded by clicking on the following link – DE_app_age.

Social Media is a visual medium

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words then why try to say it in 140 characters or less when you can show it in an image. People now carry around smartphones that capture higher quality images than digital cameras did a decade ago with the result that all those devices are busy taking pictures like never before. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Klip and even Facebook are providing a place for people to post, share and look at images in unprecedented numbers.